Neilson Black – Writer/Director

Since completing writing and directing courses at Raindance Film School and CSSD, Neilson wrote and directed a few plays at the Islington Community Theatre, then became a runner to build up his set experience and CV whilst continuing to write scripts in his spare time. He progressed further to directing a few music videos and a short film. More recently he started his own production company, Pattern Maker Films where he write, produce and directs its short films. Aside from that Neilson is set experienced in the production management and 1st assistant directors area.

Rachael Head – 1st Assistant Director

Rachael started her career in Theatre, where she worked as a fringe producer for two years, producing four contemporary plays around Oxford and London. After training as a TV script reader she decided to try on media for size, producing and first assistant directing two surrealist short films for a quirky new production company. After loving this, Rachael has since produced and assistant directed films for Mind Mental Health charity and Pattern Maker Films.

Rupert Uzzell – Composer

RUPERT UZZELL – Composer – Rupert is a very experienced and talented composer, having gained multiple film credits in a short space of time, having come from a background as a classically trained pianist and organist. In 2016, he graduated with a masters in Composition for Screen from the University of Edinburgh, having previously studied both performance and composition at the University of Nottingham and the Royal College of Music.

Over the past couple of years he has completed scores to numerous films, including the short films ‘Routes’, ‘I Pull The Strings’, ‘The Finest Model’ ‘Tent’, ‘Mondays’, ‘Marcato’, an animation entitled ‘Record/Record’, and a dark Swedish fantasy entitled ‘Råkvandraren’ which was recorded in Bulgaria with a 45 piece orchestra. Most recently, he has finished working on a comedic short entitled ‘The Sarnie’, a sci-fi entitled ‘Virtually Happening’, a thriller entitled ‘Cash Up’, a fantasy film entitled ‘The Fisherman’s Daughter’, a YouTube based thriller entitled ‘Clickbait’ and three dramatic short films entitled ‘The Gurney’, ‘Sheltered’ and ‘Time Clause’, as well as the independent feature film ‘Freesia’. His score for this was nominated for Best Original Score at the London International Filmmaker Festival. 

Noela Salvatierra – Art Director

I’m Noela Salvatierra, I joined the crew of New You as an Art Director. With a background in Interior Design and Architectural Technology, my career is mainly focused on Art department. I have experience in several short films, feature films and webseries, being in charge of the props, dressing the set, stand by and budgeting. I’m very passionate about working in the industry and always try to reflect that in everything I do.

Nikita Vyas – Costume Designer

Nikita is a Film Studies graduate from Queen Mary, University of London who has 5 years experience in the film industry on a range of independent and short films working with The Fruit District Group/Hours Apart Films, Different Planet, NFTS/Eon Productions and of course Pattern Maker Films. She has also worked film events like Indian Shakespeares on Screen and festivals like Raindance and Dubai International Film Festival. The culmination of technicality and creativity is what drew Nikita to this industry and hopes to progress all the way to the Oscars, hoping that the gender politics will change for women in film, both in front and behind the camera!

Zsani Nyerky – Script Supervisor

Having been raised in Budapest, Hungary, in the centre of Eastern Europe’s chaotic and unpredictable historical waves, Zsani is a great fan of absurd humour and situations which “shouldn’t be like that”. This might be a reason why she chose to work with arts. After some bends she started to study film at university and stuck with it it since then. She worked as an AD for years then she took a transition to being a script supervisor and she’s been working as a scripty since then.

Vincenzo Onorato – Colourist

Freelance Colourist and DIT with seven years of experience in digital imaging and postproduction, Vincenzo set out with passion and dedication to build his career in Film Industry. After a long lasting educational path, shadowing the most talented colourists and DITs in London, he is now able to offer a wide range of skills and services on projects ranging from Colour grading, On-set data management and sound-synced Dailies creation.

Charlie McConville – Sound Designer

Charlie has been working as a freelance sound designer and audio mixer since 2014, his passion for using his advanced technical skills combined with a creative mind have lead him to work on short films, animations and computer games by Micolli Films, Jellyfielder Studios, Talk To Camera, TESRenewal, Cities: Skylines, Roye Productions and Pattern Makers last film Paradis. He has an extensive history of training in sound and audio including studies at the renown creative media college SAE Institute, music technology at the University of Westminster and in post production companies such as Aquarium Studios.

Oscar Perez – Sound Operator

Oscar is a Spanish Sound Engineer widely skilled in different areas of Audio Engineering. Oscar started working as a professional in sound for TV Dramas and Films as a Boom Operator and very soon progressed in his career as a Production Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist. Very proud of have been spreading worldwide his passion for creativity and beauty with his work, Oscar recently moved to London. Since then, he has been getting involved in many projects with the very rewarding feeling the continuous improvement gives him and maturing his enthusiasm for excellence.

Josie Connell – Head Make Up Artist

Josie is a Film and TV Media makeup artist, with bases in London, the South West and the South East. Her work has range as she is an extremely adaptable artist; she has designed for many short film dramas and comedies backed by companies such as Creative England, Sky Arts, BFI and Channel 4. Designed for atmospheric music videos like ‘Lovers’ by Anna of the North which was featured on MTV and in I-D Magazine, supported a visual artist at The Royal Collage of Art on their final MA piece and completed trainee positions for Microsoft Xbox and the new Walt Disney production Mary Poppins Returns. On all these experiences, Josie has established herself as a professional artist, that has taken on challenges without hesitation in order to contribute as much as she can to the aesthetic of a production.